Kareem Wolf Hackett


The Kareem Hackett narrative begins with a lineage that finds its roots in the era of mass immigration. A phenomena that inspired the ambitious to seek a dream that before present had not seemed feasible. The dream that one could come from any circumstance, regardless of how dire it may be, to arise to a place where if one worked hard enough, remained focused and cunning- with unwavering commitment, could greatly achieve all that they ever aspired to.

Fate would have it that Kareem would be conceived by a pair of Jamaican immigrants in the rapidly growing cultural mosaic of Toronto, Canada in 1990. Raised by a single parent he watched as his mother tediously worked to provide and comfort while navigating a new society on her own. This subsequently produced a basis for his own strength and provided life lessons to be heeded which could not be offered within the confines of a classroom. What he would adhere to the most and would become paramount to the way he would live his life was a simple lesson he was taught while he was young: “Make your own path.”

These word would bode well with the young pugilist, who often moved homes and switched schools around the east end district of Scarborough. Charismatic and amiable, Kareem adapted well to his transient experiences and quickly made new friends. These times however would be met with periods of strife as problems of bullying and discrimination arose. Little help was offered from school administration in the matter so subsequently fighting and holding his ground in the face of adversity proved to be a reliable resolution in the yard.

Boxing made an appeal to the young Kareem Hackett during this tumultuous time by ESPN’s Friday Night Fight series. The intriguing characters that boasted themselves on the screen and seemed to have a euphoric sense of glory on their faces with every victory instantly grasped his imagination. He may have not known the names of every fighter but what enticed him the most was the feeling of conquering opposition.

His mother was apprehensive at first, as mothers usually are with such contact oriented sports so the dreams of boxing in a practical setting remained dormant for a handful of years in his childhood. At the turn of his sixteenth birthday however, the passion that had been left to fester had turned into a veracious fervor, and soon become a reality. Now of legal age, he found employment and paid for a gym membership where he could start his pursuit.

In the beginning he acquainted himself with a multitude of disciplines, including: Muay Thai, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These journeys lead him to winning national and provincial titles, decorating him as a champion early in his career. He never lost sight of what his real goal was in the foreground, and that was always the alluring world of pugilism. He respectfully put his other pursuits behind him to focus solely on boxing and donned the pseudonym Wolf Hackett. The name was not a mere façade as he entered the ring continuing his pattern of victory; beating former champions and gathering titles of his own, Compiling an amateur record of 40-5.

The young cub, Wolf Hackett, showed his maturity and aptitude for pugilism and was now a full grown leader of the pact. It was time to chase the dream. On October 17th, 2013 he made the first steps towards his life’s calling. At Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan Kareem had a dazzling debut; starting his professional career with a flashing second round Technical Knockout (TKO).

It was an ecstatic introduction into the boxing world that the Wolf felt would yield more opportunities south of the border. To his dismay the streams of opportunities on the opposite side of the Great Lakes had seemed to have dried up. He was left to take initiative and make a statement on his own accord as the horizon had seemed to have become distant.

An entire year would pass, with the excitement of his debut subsided but Kareem kept working. The Wolf must hunt, and the dream must stay alive. Working three jobs simultaneously and sticking to his workout regiments hope would not die in Kareem’s life. It refused to die.

Humbled and matured from the lessons learnt in his early career Wolf Hackett took to the land of the dream chasers: Los Angeles, California. With unrecognized talent and an abundance of faith, Kareem stepped into the famed Wild Card Boxing Club.

The story continues to unfold for Wolf Hackett, a story that much like his pursuit today started with the immigration of an inspired and ambitious young man who is pursuing his dream. The dream that regardless of your circumstances, however dire, that you can leave and come to a place where hard work and an unrelenting passion and focus- coupled with faith, may be able to yield the results of everything you have ever wanted, prayed and wished for.

The hunt continues...